amana oven repair

Amana Oven Appliance Repair In this life, few things are better than a delicious cake, fresh out of the oven. Whether a gas oven or an electric, a perfectly prepared cake could make Rachel Dolezal herself admit that she was born white as the driven snow. The dough, the icing, and maybe even chopped up pieces of fruit have long been the formula for a content life. When the oven is out of commission, it’s like Cloverfield mixed with The Day After Tomorrow. Buildings crumble, women clutch their children tight and all emergency services instantly are booked solid. The almighty Amana brand, purveyors of the finest in kitchen appliances, do their part to avoid these apocalyptic scenarios. However, even the mighty can occasionally fall. This article is a short guide to Amana oven repair, displaying common situations associated with Amana oven parts and their corresponding solutions. 1. THE AMANA OVEN REFUSES TO HEAT The first piece to check is the igniter. The igniter is the most frequent culprit when your Amana oven won’t heat. If the igniter stays lit but wont produce a flame after 90 seconds, replace it. If the igniter is in working condition but still wont heat, locate the bake element which is a pencil-width black tube at the top of the oven. Test it’s condition with an Ohm meter and replace if faulty. If neither of these appliance parts are the problem, the problem may be external. Check the socket that you plug your oven into. If your Amana oven is an electric, it requires 220 volts of AC to function properly.

2. SELF-CLEANING NOT WORKING The very first thing to check is the door lock motor and switch assembly. To prevent the door opening while the oven is cleaning, the door lock motor does what it’s name implies. Replacing the door lock motor and/or switch assembly can be a moderately difficult task, and may necessitate the assistance of an oven repair service. If the door lock motor isn’t the problem, check the temperature control thermostat. In addition to regulating the temperature of the oven’s interior, the thermostat is also the conduit that runs the electrical current through the heating circuit. Oven thermostat repair and replacement is another instance in which an appliance and repair service is necessary. If neither of these parts are faulty, other areas to consider include the oven control board and thermal fuse. 3. PROBLEMS SPECIFIC TO ELECTRIC OVENS As with any ADA compliant electric oven, remember to unplug the appliance prior to engaging in repairs to prevent electrical shocks. In the event of your Amana oven not working, there are always a set of electronic controls to check. The first of these is the heating element, which must be completely replaced if found defective. After that is the bake element, which falls victim to either technical damage or wiring issues. First the bake element must be unscrewed and removed. Then, a 240 volt circuit must be attached to the element terminal. After reconnecting the entire apparatus to the power supply, turn the oven to it’s bake setting. Look for the illumination of the light, which signifies the deterioration of the bake element and requires complete replacement. If this turns out the be the issue, you must delve into the labyrinth known as the oven wiring panel. Located on the back of the oven, any of these terminals could be burnt out.