amana dryer repair



Amana Dryer Appliance Repair Clothes dryers, like all home appliances, are prone to wear and tear over the years and, regardless of the model, you may find eventual issues. If you own an Amana clothes dryer there are a number of quick fixes and ways to resolve issues yourself that may save you a visit from a professional appliance repair man or an electrician. Regardless of whether your dryer is 6.5, 7, or 7.3-cubic feet, if you use gas or electric, or have a front load dryer or a top-loading model, some of these solutions could save you time and money. If you find that your clothes are not drying and they feel damp even with a moderate load size, you may need to adjust the preset dryness level settings. This will extend your auto drying cycles by 15% or 30% beyond the factory preset times, allowing for a longer drying period. First make sure that the dryer is not in use, then press and hold the “dryness” button for five seconds, which will show the current setting. You can reset this by pressing the “dryness” button a second time. Select your preferred setting and press “start” to save or “cancel” to exit and return back to the original setting. Damp laundry could also be the result of a clogged or full lint trap. The dryer needs good airflow to function properly and any serious blockage in the lint trap, hose, or vent could be a fire hazard. Clean the lint screen, check the outside exhaust hood, and make sure the vent material isn’t crushed anywhere. If you run the dryer for a few minutes and hold your hand near the exhaust hood, you’ll be able to tell whether or not the airflow is blocked; the air pressure should be similar to a hair dryer.

If it is blocked, you will need to clean throughout the entire length of the system and remove all lint or trapped dryer sheets. Ideally, this process should be repeated every two years for preventative maintenance. For an electric dryer with efficiency monitor that does not give off heat, there could be a number of issues. You may need to change the dryer’s “air” option. For example, “air dry” and “air only” do not add heat to your dryer. This can be changed on the dryness control knob or among the temperature settings, depending on which model you own. You may also be experiencing a power issue. Check the two fuses in the back of the dryer, replace them if necessary, reset the circuit breakers, and make sure your power supply cord is installed properly. When your electric or gas dryer with efficiency monitor won’t start and the dryer is not spinning at all, this is possibly a simple error. First, make sure the dryer door is properly closed and all latches are shut. For larger loads, hold or push the start button for a few seconds longer than normal. Always make sure the cycle control knob is set to “air dry” to “timed dry,” rather than “wrinkle prevent.”