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Professional service and repair of household appliances in available in your city.

Why choose Alex Appliances?

We’ll Repair your Appliances the Same-Day you call

We have strategically located a Alex Appliance technician on call near you in Mono and elsewhere in the GTA. No matter which of your appliances isn’t performing as you wish – be it your washer, dishwasher, dryer, oven, stove, or more – we can be there with our fully stocked repair vehicle within a matter of hours and have your appliances up and running again in no time at all. Schedule your repair visit for evenings, holidays or weekends if you prefer – we will book our services around your working day Oshawa Pickering Port Perry.

Professional, Fully Trained Technicians

We train all our Alex Appliance technicians to make competent, effective, reliable repairs the first time around. Our professional personnel are polite, friendly, and very good at what they do. We will fix your appliances to your 100% satisfaction every time we make a repair.

Mono Appliance Repair has never been simpler

With our fully-equipped repair vehicles loaded with replacement parts from all the major manufacturers we strive to resolve most appliance malfunctions in just one visit. This saves both you (and us!) time and hassle and means we can keep our prices competitive and always affordable.

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Call our Mono help line toll-free at 647-303-4997.

Appliance Repair Mono

Is your fridge too warm, too cold, sweating or dripping pools of water? We’ve seen all this before – and more. With our multi-stocked repair vehicles and trained personnel, your fridge can be working properly again before the ice has time to melt! Call Alex Appliances today for fast and effective fridge repairs in Mono.

Mono Fridge Repairs

Alex Appliances is ready to serve you all over Mono for all your fridge repair needs. Life can be very difficult for any family without a fridge. This is why Alex Appliances carries lots of replacement fridge parts in our vans to ensure that your fridge can be good as new. Call Alex Appliances today for all fridge repairs!

Mono Washer Repair

Is your clothes washer blowing bubbles, or not spinning as you would like? Alex Appliances Mono technicians know all the diagnostic tricks in the book and come prepared with all the spare parts they need to make the repairs on the spot. If your washer is giving your problems and you are looking for same day service, call Alex Appliances today.

Mono Dryer Repair

Is your dryer nor turning? Or perhaps it leaves your clothes still damp? Our skilled technicians will soon find out what is wrong and will have your dryer working again in the shortest possible time. We always arrive equipped with the most common replacement parts so will probably be able to carry out the repair in just one visit. Call Alex Appliances for all your Mono dryer and other appliance repair needs.

Mono Dishwasher Repair

Does your dishwasher not drain? Or do the plates not get clean?We can diagnose what ails all makes of malfunctioning dishwashers and carry the spare parts with us that will get them back up and running in no time at all. For reliable Mono dishwasher and other appliance repairs, call Alex Appliances today and enjoy our same day service.

Mono Stove Repair

Does your stove not want to heat up or is it charcoaling your food? Don’t go hungry – call Alex Appliances today and we’ll send one of our team of Mono technicians to carry out a same-day stove repair. We bring all the spare parts we need for the most common stove malfunctions so will probably be able to resolve your problem in just one visit. Call Alex Appliances today to set up your same day Mono stove repair appointment.

Mono Oven Repair

Is your roast chicken not roasting? Or the cheese on your gratin just won’t melt. Why not call Alex Mono Appliance repair technicians to come and take a look. Our trained personnel are very familiar with all the main brands of oven and carry hundreds of replacement parts in their repair vehicles. So don’t put it off – call us today and ask about our same-day Mono oven repair service.

Mono, Ontario

The Town of Mono is situated in south-central Ontario, Canada, at the south-east corner of County of Dufferin, just north of Caledon and northeast of Orangeville. It stretches from Highway 9 along its southern border to Highway 89 along its northern border. Its border to the west is with the Township of Amaranth and in the east it is bordered by the Township of Adjala-Tosorontio. It was previously known as the Township of Mono.

Mono is a rural community in both geography and character. It has a wide variation in topography, being composed of mostly rolling, tree-covered hills. It holds many streams and creeks which form the headwaters of three rivers – the Humber River, Nottawasaga River and Credit River and most of the town is located on high land relative to the rest of Southern Ontario. This leads to its current slogan of ‘the heart of the headwaters’.

Mono’s residents live on farms, rural estates and in small settlements. Mono Centre, Hockley Village and Camilla are just some of the small communities which exist within the Town of Mono.

Mono’s population represents many different backgrounds, including the farming community, local businesses, numerous artists and artisans, commuters to neighbouring towns and cities, and weekend escapees from the urban bustle.


The Town of Mono as it currently is organized is the result of governmental changes that were made as the population grew and land uses changed.

When “Simcoe District” was formed in 1843 by the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada, it contained 19 original townships. Simcoe District was restructured in 1845, changing its composition to 24 townships including the Township of Mono. Effective January 1, 1850, An Act for abolishing the Territorial Divisions of Upper Canada into Districts abolished Simcoe “District” in favour of the Simcoe “County”, still composed of the Townships noted in the Act of 1845.

The “Provisional County of Dufferin” was initially organized as authorized by the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1875[2] and the actual formation taking effect in 1881,[3] from parts of the counties of Grey, Simcoe and Wellington Counties. The Township of Mulmur and the Township of Mono were transferred from Simcoe to Dufferin in 1881.

To better coordinate common services provided to the communities and consolidate governance within the township, the township reorganized as the Town of Mono on 1 June 1999.,_Ontario

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