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Same-day appliance repair service

We have locations around the NOTL area to better serve you and be in close proximity to you for all of your appliance repair needs. We provide same-day service and are available to help you with your appliance repair on evenings, weekends, and even holidays! If you live in the Oakville area and are looking for a quick, hassle-free appliance repair service, give Alex Appliances a call.

Licensed and skilled technicians

Our technicians at Alex Appliances are highly skilled and ready to help you with your appliance repair needs here in the Oakville area.We are able to perform a diagnostic assessment to determine the cause of your appliance’s malfunction and fix it fast! We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction guarantee! Give us a call today or request a quote online.

Simple and hassle-free repair

Our vans are always stocked with all of the most common replacement parts from all major brands and a wide variety of appliances. If you live in NOTL or surrounding areas, give Alex Appliances a call today for the most effective and reliable appliance repair here in Oakville Port Perry Richmond Hill Stouffville!

Quick fix Appliances is your leading appliance repair company here in Oakville. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality services in Oakville and surrounding areas for major appliance repair.  Want to learn more? Read below or call our Alex technicians at

Quick fix Appliances is your leading appliance repair company here in Oakville. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality services in Oakville and surrounding areas for major appliance repair.  Want to learn more? Read below or call our Alex technicians at 647-303-4997.

We repair a variety of appliances, these include:

  • Stove repair
  • Dishwasher repair
  • Fridge repair
  • Washer repair
  • Dryer repair
  • Oven repair

We repair kitchen mixers as well at any of our locations nearest you! We provide a full diagnostic assessment and look forward to repairing your major appliances as fast as possible. We also gladly offer condo appliance repair in the Oakville area!

If you live in Oakville or surrounding areas and are looking for an appliance repair service, call us today at 647-303-4997 or take a moment to request a quote online. Our team is eagerly awaiting your call today!

Oakville Appliance Repair Service

Oakville Fridge Repairs

Is your fridge on the fritz? not working properly? our skilled technicians are able to identify and repair your fridge no problem! Our technicians understand the time sensitivity when your fridge is breaking down. Afterall, the fridge is a vital source for any family  With our fully stocked repair vehicles and trained personnel, your fridge will  be working properly again in no time!  Call Alex Appliances today for fast and effective fridge repairs in Oakville

Oakville Washer Repair

Is washer clunking? making noises like there could possibly be a rabid animal inside it? We at Alex Appliances know all about that! Our highly trained technicians will perform a diagnostic assessment folllowed by an on the spot repair to have your machine up and running again the very day you call! We have our vans fully stocked with the necessary parts your washer needs to silence the clunking or the spewing of bubbles! Give us a call today for same-day appliance repair right here in Oakville.

Oakville Dryer Repair

Does your dryer seem to have a mind of it’s own?  Or perhaps no mind at all, as in, it refuses to even turn on? Our technicians will find out exactly what is the problem is and will have your dryer working again in no time at all!  We always arrive equipped with the  replacement parts necessary to fix your dryer right away. Our skilled technicians are able to work quickly and efficiently to have your dryer running like new again. Give us a call today for all of your dryer repair needs here in Oakville.

Oakville Dishwasher Repair

Has your dishwasher gone from ‘drain’ to ‘pain’? have you been entering your kitchen to puddles of water after a dishwashing cycle? We can diagnose your dishwasher and have it repaired the same day you call! Our team understands dishwasher problems and looks forward to helping you with your repair needs. Our vans come equipped with the necessary parts for your dishwasher repair, making it easy for our technicians to suit your needs. Call us today or request a quote online for your dishwasher repair needs in the NOTL area.

Oakville Stove Repair

Is your stove slacking? are the elements not heating?- call Alex Appliances today for immediate, same-day stove repair and get back to your dinner routine! We stock our vans with the necessary parts and equipment to get your stove cooking again right away. Our professional and highly trained technicians will be able to identify the problem and work diligently to get your stove ready just in time for dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast, because at Alex Appliances we are available all the time to fit your schedule. Call us today to inquire about your stove repair here in Oakville

Oakville Oven Repair

Is your king duck not peeking? Or the cheese on your gratin just won’t melt? Why not call us at Alex Appliances in Oakville to come and take a look? Our trained personnel are familiar with all makes and models of a wide variety of brands. Our technicians will be able to identify and fix your oven’s problems straight away!  Your oven is a big part of your routine so don’t put it off – call us today and ask us about our same-day oven repair here in the NOTL area!

Oakville, Ontario

Oakville is a suburban town in southern Ontario, located in Halton Region on Lake Ontario halfway between Toronto and Hamilton, and is part of the Greater Toronto Area, one of the most densely-populated areas of Canada. The 2016 census reported a population of 193,832.[2]

In 2016, MoneySense rated Oakville as the third best place to live in Canada.


In 1793, Dundas Street was surveyed for a military road. In 1805, the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada bought the lands between Etobicoke and Hamilton from the Mississaugas aboriginal people, except for the land at the mouths of Twelve Mile Creek (Bronte Creek), Sixteen Mile Creek, and along the Credit River. In 1807, British immigrants settled the area surrounding Dundas Street as well as on the shore of Lake Ontario.[4]

In 1820, the Crown bought the area surrounding the waterways. The area around the creeks, 960 acres (3.9 km2), ceded to the Crown by the Mississaugas,[5] was auctioned off to William Chisholm in 1827. He left the development of the area to his son, Robert Kerr Chisholm and his brother-in-law, Merrick Thomas. Chisholm also formed shipbuilding business in Oakville Navy Street and Sixteen Mile Creek (Halton Region) and lasted until 1842, but shipbuilding in Oakville lasted into the late 20th Century.[6][7]

The population in 1846 was 1,500. The community shipped large quantities of wheat and lumber via schooners and the railway. There were three churches, a grist mill and saw mill, and various small companies making threshing machines, wagons, watches, saddles, and metal goods. There were also tradesmen of various types.[8]

Oakville’s industries also included shipbuilding. In the 1850s, there was an economic recession and the foundry, the most important industry in town, was closed. Basket-making became a major industry in the town, and the Grand Trunk Railway was built through it.[9] In 1869, the population was 2000 and the community was also served by the Great Western Railroad; it was a port on Lake Ontario. In 1869, the population was at 1700 people.[10]

The town eventually became industrialized with the opening of Cities Service Canada (later BP Canada, and now Petro Canada) and Shell Canada oil refineries (both now closed), the Procor factory (no longer manufacturing), and, most importantly, the Ford Motor Company’s Canadian headquarters and plant, all close to the Canadian National Railway and the Queen Elizabeth Way highway between Toronto and Fort Erie (Buffalo).[11]

In 1962 the town of Oakville merged with its neighbouring villages (Bronte, Palermo, Sheridan, and the remainder of Trafalgar Township) to become the new Town of Oakville, reaching northwards to Steeles Avenue in Milton. In 1973, the restructuring of Halton County into Halton Region brought the northern border southwards to just north of the future Highway 407.


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